CWM Customer Web Mobile

Class One, Nuestra cultura de Empresa, innovar. En Class One, decimos que el futuro es nuestro presente.

You can interact with the program, “«every day at 6 am the backup copies are recovered with the original values»  In order not to start from scratch, since what the client receives is an email with a link that would already connect with the Reserve, in the demo it is assumed already identified, to You should identify yourself first in the upper right part (and you respond in user = jsabariz  // contraseña= 1952),), nothing happens you can do whatever you want since at 6 am the backup copies are recovered.

The product is called Customer Web Mobile (the name already indicates something), it is the solution for a customer to do everything from their mobile, 4 states

1.- Out. Pre-checkÍn (before entering the Hotel), all the functions that are seen including the Shutle reservation that has already been done
It ends when the client puts the QR that he has on the Smartphone in the reader and the guest receives all the necessary information on his mobile (welcome contract, police report, key to open the room door, …), or if you have done easy recognition, you would stand in front of a webcam and it would be the same action
You would enter My reservations and you take the last one there is, you can already see all the possible options

2.- In. Stay , all functions
You enter the Stays menu and you can see all the options

3.- See the history of the times you have been, what you paid and the surveys you did
In the identification section it tells us my Stays

4.-.- New Reservation this is simple to connect to the Hotel’s booking engine)
Book button, is the connection to the Booking Engine that the Hotel has

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