Option 9. Kiosk Take Away

The functionality is incorporated so that orders can be placed directly from kiosk screens in the establishment itself. Normally, two specific users are created for these options and can only enter them.

  • Its functionality is to put a screen in which you can see the orders that are made and when they are already for delivery.
  • This screen will be explained later and is where the customer directly places his order.

Orders. You can configure screensavers to indicate different commercial messages. At the top left there will be a QR, for those loyal customers of the establishment, who can place their orders directly from their Smartphone, taking this QR code

Different screens of the Order process

It asks us to give him our telephone number (not compulsory), and if he detects that we are already in the corporate (loyalty), he will automatically give us our email, the next step is to ask us for the email (not compulsory), if we give it to him when the order is available he will send us an email.

The internal process. It will indicate that a new order has just been entered

Orders. If you take the QR code, you will enter it as if it were an order from the corporate