B.7 Setup Options

Configuration. General

Configuration. Discounts

We will give the discounts to be applied in the different Departments, if they do not appear in this section there will be no DISCOUNT (i.e. HOME DISCOUNT, HAPPY HOUR, EARLY BIRD, …

Configuration. Printers

The TCK printers to be used by the system

Configuration. Connectivity

Interconnection with the Web Services of the rest of the Applications

Configuration. Accounting

Modification of the VAT rates at POS and which is in turn modified at StarEcon.

Configuration. Rooms and tables

Configuration. Daily Time Zones

Definition of the daily time slots of our establishment.

Configuration. CRM

Configuration. Privileges

The possibilities of setting roles should be set by you depending on your staff, to leave or not to leave and/or to access certain options and behaviours of the system

Configuration. Task sheduler

In this tab we can define the different schedules that the program wants us to do, for example, to make a backup at a certain time and day, to make the night closing automatic, to export the data to accounting, etc.

Configuration. Cash management

Configuration. Take away kiosko

Functionality is incorporated so that orders can be placed directly from kiosk screens in the establishment itself.
You can configure screensavers to indicate different commercial messages, you can create a QR, for those loyal customers of the establishment, who can place their orders directly from their Smartphone, taking that QR code

Configuration. Sponsor

Through different modalities, the Restaurant Management Software can help to advertise a brand, both to the establishment’s own customers (since the screen with the application is located in the restaurant itself) and to its waiters, owners, etc., being able to impact in this last case on the choice of supplier at the time of placing an order. This channel, moreover, does not necessarily imply a periodic cost for the company (but rather a one-off investment of a moderate nature).

Configuration. Triggers

Triggers. Their function is to perform a certain function.
Configured in this tab, the program can warn us, for example, that an alarm will be triggered when a certain amount of a ticket is reached, when the average price per dish is for an X amount, etc.
It is totally configurable by the user and can be configured as desired.

Configuration. Pin Pad

Configuration of the establishment’s dataphones.

Configuration. Email Notification