This section is not fully conceived without the StarCrS application, since without this application the data will be very biased, even so, in order to use it, the StarCrS Database must be mounted on the server

E.2. Client Profile

This section is used to study the behaviour of our FIDELIZED clients.

We can know between which dates they have come, what a certain client has consumed, or a dish that clients have consumed

E.3. Clients by last visit

This section is used to study when our regular customers have come or not come to the Establishment.

E.5. General Questions Assessment

Let’s see the results

E.6. Dish Questions Assessment

Let’s see the results

E.7. Clients Remarks

E.A/B. Clients List/Clients Master File

E.C/D/E. Hotel Quality Control Questionnaires

The evaluations can be carried out both from the client’s Smartphone and from the Tablet itself. Let’s see the creation of the questionnaires.

E.G. Points Credit

When we have the CRM module by means of this option we can directly give the points to a Client of a TICKET that has not been paid