Smart Seven Stars - Grupo Class One

1.A. Price profile – Forecasts

Price Profiles: Class One in its search for improvements in Smart Seven Stars , implements this new concept in your application (2016)

What is a Price profile? The definition in itself is quite descriptive. We could say that they are the amounts between a lower price and a higher one, that would be a PROFILE or GROUPS of PRICE .

What is the object? Automatically apply and control Y&R Management techniques. Let’s see an example:

  • A Profile of Low Prices , will normally be the one that we apply for SPECIAL offers, WEEKEND OFFERS, TTOO OFFERS, …, to this profile we will give the code 91 .
  • A Profile of P high-rise , DIRECT rate, WALK-INS (direct minus a small percentage from 20:00 pm, if there are rooms), …, we will give this profile the code 11 .
  • A Profile of Prices Medium-Low , TTOO rate, GDS, Reservation Centers, …, this profile will be given by the code 81 .
  • A Profile of Prices Medium , rate for General Agencies, Representatives, …, this profile will give you the code 51 .
  • A Profile of Prices Medium-High , General Business rate,…, this profile will give you the code 21 .
  • A profile of Prices INTERNET (OTA’s), this will be the profile code 41 .

At this point, let’s think as an airline would do, how many tickets I want to sell for each PROFILE, (they would call it TARIFF, but in our case the TARIFF is a lower level, that is, each TARIFF will be associated with a certain PROFILE Price.

Booking price profiles? Finishing the previous point, we will define some quotas and release for each price profile. Since the operation of the QUOTES and RELEASE is known to all, I do not think it is necessary to explain more.

1.A.A. Sales forecasts – Management

At present we apply PROFILES techniques and their control to AGENCIES.

In this section is where we will previously include the reserve forecasts of the Agencies to carry out their follow-up later.

1.A.B. Sales Forecasts – Visualization

1.A.C. Sales Forecasts – Tracking