All about Cardex

What do we understand by Cardex?

These are the details of our CLIENTS, AGENCIES and/or COMPANIES

It is here that we register the most relevant data of the clients who have stayed in the hotel. It is not necessary to register a client before entering the Hotel. When the Check-In is done, the client’s file will be created automatically, when the Police Cards are covered and then when the invoice is issued to update the outstanding balances and invoiced amounts.
However, it is always possible to maintain the client file to add more data, to modify others or simply to cancel it (see section “C”)

The data of Clients, Agencies and Companies are very similar

  • Personal Data. Two directions can be controlled if deemed appropriate.
  • Country. Standardized to ISO
  • Community. Standardized to ISO / NUT II, the different States, Departments, …, of all the countries
  • Corporative Card. Loyalty ID.
  • Payment Method. It is used to provide guidance to the operator. When the form of payment is
    • “3” pre-payment
    • “2” credit
    • “1” cash
  • These values are displayed after invoicing and just before entering the payment method, so that this information is known without having to consult the customer’s file.
  • Payment Days. In risk control you notify us of those invoices whose collection has not yet taken place and which exceed the days listed in this section.
  • Deferred invoicing. Only for chains, when it is given daily in Closing per Invoiced, since it is the Head Office who is going to invoice all the amounts corresponding to that account. 
  • Invoicing at the end of the month. No value at present.
  • VAT. When it is an official body and does not have to pay VAT (zero value)
  • VIP. Vip level from 0 to 9. Quality level of the client in the opinion of the Hotel.
  • Invoice Grouper. By default.
  • Special conditions. By default. 
  • Last Invoice made.
  • Car Registration.
  • Channel. By default.
  • Company. Parent company or the one you work for
  • Agency that manages this Client
  • Implant. Implant Code if you have one
  • Rates and Discounts. By default up to 5
  • Reasons for the visit
  • Username and Password. Valid for our Booking Engine (StarMR)

SUPER-RESTRICTED access to Credit Cards, for those Hotels that comply with the regulations: PCI DSS. In the Customer Comments tab. The user must have the Role with the consequent permissions to access, and even then he must identify himself with his password each time he wants to access

See list of agencies or companies.

How can I see a list of agencies or companies? In this case what I need is to order it by accountant account but I imagine that it is always in the same place.

You have to go to the alternative menu and click on CRM.

Agency Reservation that does not leave when given in a Reservation

Can you check the file of the OTCH agency? The file itself exists, but when we put in the reservations it doesn’t show any name, neither when we want to see a list of the expected arrivals only from this agency, it doesn’t let us put the abbreviation and we can’t continue.

You have to be careful with the agencies, because that same one is in the database only that someone that I imagine that wanted to make some modification gave to the button of erasing (that does not erase the agency of the database what does is to hide it) then if you go again to the file master of agencies and you place the code (although it does not leave you in the drop-down list, you give to ENTER equal when having it written) and it will leave you:

You hit the delete button again and what you are going to do with that action is to show the agency again so that it comes out again in the auto-completions.

It is convenient after a Customer Data Import to pass the option B.G. Regenerate clients index, or when we detect some anomaly in the accesses to the customer data.