Virtual Book of Strategic Decisions

What is LVDE?

Technically LVDE is the set of the content of pages html, in that we possess those reports that have been generated by the different systems Class One, and that in turn “hang” by an “accessible” direction for the Web servant (normally across a servant Apache.

Let’s analyze your own description without being excessively academic.

  • BOOK (a set of indexed pages)
  • VIRTUAL (does not exist physically), is formed by html pages for access through browsers.
  • STRATEGIC DECISIONS: Reports that help us to make decisions, Control and inspection of our business, History, Statistics, …

Currently, LVDE can be accessed directly from the program, as it is a Web platform.

How to access?

To gain access straight from program it is in the option.E. of the second extended menu

What is LVDE?

Virtual Book of Strategic Decisions.

The following reports are generated in the Book (LVDE), xml , html ,…
  • Hosting Contracts
  • Invoices
  • CRM
  • Currency Exchange
  • Advances
  • E-mail
  • E-mail Reservations
  • INE
  • Night Audit Report
  • Police Tokens
  • Traveler Report
  • Part of Travelers with Police Record
  • VoXel Invoices