Why Class One?

Technology and Integration


Technological advancements shape our Company’s culture. Day by day it’s becoming less common to perform daily tasks without using technology, and it is not possible to be isolated.

Customers interact with their suppliers through their mobile phone, tablet, PC, etc., and  contribute with a great deal of information that generates for companies an added value that wasn’t being used and the Hotel industry can benefit from it.

Class One

Since 1990, and based on our experience, we have developed Systems 4.0, which give full coverage to new players. It is necessary to interact with the Client as this is, ultimately, the pillar that sustains the Sector. Remote management control, loyalty incentives, CRM, Business Intelligence, etc. Y, lo más importante, a través de una tecnología que cualquier gestor del negocio pueda manejar.

The loyalty of our clients is essential to increase margins in Hospitality

And the use of technology and integration by Class One is essential to obtain greater profitability from their businesses.

HeadQuarter in Coruña 


All products integrate with each other, as if it were a puzzle to form a single product according to the characteristics of the final Client.

The puzzle of the Class One systems are integrated into each other forming a different product for each establishment.

More than 100 external integrations