Smart Seven Stars - Grupo Class One


How to operate with market segments.

Without wanting to get into controversy one of the valid criteria of what is SEGMENT, could be the type of client who is staying in the HOTEL, likewise we could call it CANAL to where guests come from the Hotel.

If we follow the rules that govern the USALI (Uniform System of Account for Lodging Industry), it could be the method to use to make a good analysis of our Hotel.

See an example:

Steps to follow

  1. Define the market segments we are going to use (Option A.8)
  2. Associate to the Price Rates the segment most related to each one of prices (Opion A.1.)
  3. Different sections related to SEGMENTS
    1. Option Alt. 1.B. Revenue Forecast – Comparative Analysis comparativo
    2. Option Alt. 1.C. Revenue Forecast – Analysis
    3. Option Alt. 2.8.1 Production studies

The PRICE rates must be associated to the SEGMENTS since the operators in general are “lazy” at the time of introducing “more” data and in this way at least whenever we give a Reservation, Stay, a SEGMENT will be assigned by default, to the margin that this SEGMENT can be varied at any time.