Smart Seven Stars - Grupo Class One

Cleaning Schedule Review
New closing list Cleaning Forecast

New parameters are added in Housekeeping services: frequency and number of days to start frequency.

If frequency is non-zero, the service will be ignored if it is active or not by days of the week according to the day of entry.

An example of how these parameters would work would be the following:

If we have frequency=2 and no. of days to start=0 and if a booking comes in on Monday, the service would run on Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, etc.

If the number of days was 1 instead of 0, the service would run on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Monday, etc.

Some listings have been revised to affect this, for example 5.3 did not “mark” towels/sheets on the checkout date of a stay; now they are marked, as if there is a checkout the sheets/towels will be changed for sure.

This is useful if you use the total number of sheets/towels to know how many to load on the cleaning trolleys.

New closing list Cleaning Forecast

A closing list (29) Housekeeping Forecast is added, which gives the forecast of cleaners, towels and cleaning services for the next 14 days.

This list is taken from the information of reservations and stays, and it is assumed that on a date other than the active date the free rooms will be clean.