Requirements and tips for
the Pre-Installation of Class One Systems

Server Hardware Requirements :

    • Hardware is recommended to be a device with an age of less than 3 years.
    • Minimum 8GB of RAM and 500GB of HD
    • We recommend 16GB and HD 1TB
    • 2 GHz or higher


  • Any improvement in hardware is always appreciated (RAID 1, 5)
  • As is normal for being a server, the use of UPS (UPS) is recommended.
  • The Server must have a fixed static IP  in local network.

Requirements Router Ports addressed to the Server IP .

  • 9091default port for application operation, another port can be defined.
  • 22 for terminal access (SSH) with username and password “sudoer” (port 22 is the default)

Essential for external access .

  • The establishment must have fixed public IP

Supported operating systems

Class One recommends Linux operating system.


  • Being under a Web platform, any hardware is valid in principle (notes, PC, Tablets, Smartphones, …), they must necessarily have a browser (browser). We recommend installing Google Chrome
  • Higher / lower job memory is significant when viewing large reports on jobs.

CWM – Customer Web Mobile

  • Due to its special accessibility characteristics, it is recommended that it be mounted on a different server, and even on another external hosting

External Backup

  • As typical security requirements, it is advisable to backup internally and externally.


  • We recommend that the server is always on a private network for its own safety.

Some Special Requirements

  • Some payment method interfaces require a proxy to redirect their requests to the program (port. 80, 443, …)
  • OTA’s must be registered and therefore in this case it is mandatory to have a fixed public IP.
  • Some Interfaces require a Windows system in a workstation and relate this in the Interface configuration in the Class One application. They can be connected by USB or have a folder that must be shared by network (VoXel) </ li>
  • Tickets printers must support 48 cls (columns) format, the example we give is the Epson TM-T20II
  • Tablet “kitchen caller”, acoustic warnings of the kitchen caller not compatible with iOS devices

Basic needs to function on your Servers :

  • Java 8
  • mariadb
  • Class One Programs

How to mount java8 :

How to assemble mariadb :

How to mount Class One Programs :

The applications are deployed on the server by Class One. Time between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on the applications.

  • Linux. We will access through port 22 and it would be installed
  • Windows. The Server will be accessed (a remote desktop access program is needed. See next chapter

(*) Class One is not responsible for the information and external reliability provided in this article, it is for informational purposes, in each case those responsible for the publication or manufacturers of the products are ultimately responsible for their operation.


OTA connections and other types


Connectivity OTA's / GDS / CRS / MR / TTOO

Other Interfaces

Showcase Products

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Organize Event Management.
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StarMR - Grupo Class One

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Corporate Hotel and
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GPS - Global POS System - Grupo Class One

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Connectivity OTA's / GDS / CRS / MR / TTOO

Other Interfaces