The Invoice

Because it is where the money is generated in a physical way, it is one of the most important points of FRONT OFICCE and at the same time one of the most conflictive. It is clear that the CLIENT has been very comfortable in the Hotel, everything is great, but when the fateful moment comes to “what I owe“, that is when “the matter” begins to get complicated.

Smart Seven Stars, gives a high importance to this point, that’s why we look for the biggest versatility, agility, efficacy and efficiency, etc., so that RECEPTION has in its favor as many arguments, computer tools, …, better.

It is important to emphasize that this is also one of the moments when you have to be as fast as possible, since it is a situation in which it is very easy to cause “queues“.

Normally the CLIENTS, they usually leave first thing in the morning, an important management awaits them, the plane, finally to go home,…, that is to say, there is a “great rush”.

Smart Seven Stars, it’s fast, in fact, let’s analyze the most usual case, you simply give the room number and the bill is practically done, even at this point you can ask: “have you made any consumption in the minibar“, and
charge it.

Of course, you will say, “if it were that simple”. At least, you must give us the reason in that a high percentage if so, according to later analyze a series of cases that Smart Seven Stars solves quickly and quickly. It is also true that at the reception desk we must have a series of reports/screens that tell us who is leaving today, if they are to be billed or not, if they are individuals, companies and/or agencies, etc., in other words, we have
information, therefore, in principle we do not act “blindly”.


We will analyze several circumstances

a) Before the invoice is issued.

  • I want you to charge me for my ROOM and the …, but not in my name but in the name of SUCH A COMPANY, “Ah! Sorry I didn’t tell you before at the entrance”
  • Separate these CHARGES in the NAME of the COMPANY, these others in the name of this other COMPANY and these last ones in my particular name.
  • Gives us two invoices, one to MY NAME, and the other to the OWNER of the ROOM, to whom the charges have been made.
  • I leave, but all my CHARGES, transfer them to such a ROOM number.
  • You can invoice me without putting in TWO BEDS.
  • Invoice me in the NAME of the COMPANY and not in the PERSONAL NAME.
  • I had indicated that I would leave within THREE DAYS, but I have to leave TODAY.
  • You can make me an INVOICE until the day of TODAY, to pay a part or the whole, but I WILL stay at the HOTEL.
  • Look, I just arrived, I’ll be 5 DAYS, you can charge me NOW, I do not want to walk with so much CASH.
  • You can make me an informative ADVANCE of what my ACCOUNT is going up until the day of TODAY.
  • On which TV channel, I can check my STATEMENT of ACCOUNT.
  • Look, I am not staying at the HOTEL, but I could make an INVOICE for the rent of the HALL, in the name of my COMPANY.
  • Look, I am not staying at the HOTEL, but I could get an INVOICE for the amount of the BAR CONSUMPTIONS, since I am a HABITUAL CUSTOMER and it is a HIGH AMOUNT, in my PRIVATE name.
  • I could make a PROFORMA of the rent of the LOUNGE to send it to the COMPANY and that they make a TRANSFER to be able to pay them the ADVANCE PAYMENT that you request to me.
  • I want you to make me the INVOICE of all the PEOPLE of my COMPANY, but I don’t know in which ROOMS they are all.
  • Put this INVOICE in my WOMAN’S NAME, since I have several in my NAME and they are not mine but if I add them all up I will have the model 347.
  • You can make me an INVOICE of all the ROOMS that we are going to occupy until the day …, only of the CHARGES of ROOM and BREAKFAST, to send them a TRANSFER, since in addition the EXTRAS CHARGES, they must pay them each one of my EMPLOYEES.
  • I would be grateful if you could let me know and make me an INVOICE, every time I exceed the 600 Euros, I will be HOSTED in this HOTEL, and I have to defer those PAYMENTS.
  • All CHARGES of my EMPLOYEES, be they TELEPHONE, LAUNDRY, etc., I want them to be charged to the COMPANY.
  • In my condition, I have been told that I have a special rate for WEEKENDS.
  • I can CHANGE my room, and not make an INVOICE, I want to pay at the END of everything.
  • I don’t like the room, they have another one. No, I’m sorry, even if I’m checked in I’m going.

b) To invoice already done and even (or not) COLLECTED

  • Sorry, I didn’t tell you I want it in the name of my company.
  • You can put me that instead of TELEPHONE, I get LAUNDRY, would do me a great favor.
  • You can break down this invoice into several, but different NAMES (INDIVIDUALS, COMPANIES, …)
  • “Hey, this LAUNDRY charge isn’t mine.”
  • “Hey, this LAUNDRY charge isn’t mine,” as we do to deduct the amount since I’ve already paid the entire invoice with VISA.
  • I have gone to BREAKFAST, you can repeat the INVOICE including this new CHARGE.
  • At this moment I don’t know HOW TO PAY YOU, would you mind waiting until the ONE that comes to pick me up.
  • If you don’t mind the PAYMENT, one part in cash, one part by VISA, one part by AMEX and I leave you the rest on credit.
  • I have not received the usual DISCOUNT I have for REPRESENTATIVE.
  • I could change the number of people and put one ONLY.
  • I could send me again the invoice that was made three months ago for the RENT of the room, since we have lost it.
  • You could give me another copy of the INVOICE, since one is for ADMINISTRATION and another for my DEPARTMENT.

Returning in some way to the previous step, it is evident that a RECEPTIONIST, sometimes must use the “magic” of the Smart Seven Stars program, to get out of any of the situations mentioned above, which are resolved in a satisfactory manner and also for the peace of mind of the MANAGEMENT, all this type of “manipulation” is reflected “without any cost of time, or data“

We can find that in previous days we have charged a customer a few charges that to date, we know do not correspond, SEVEN STARS, not let them cancel for being past days but the customer is not to blame for our mistake.

By means of this option you can give a NEGATIVE charge that corresponds to the POSITIVE shown on the screen, but neither the positive nor the negative will appear on the invoice. Of course if they will be/will remain in the PRODUCTION EXPENSES.

The CUSTOMER has left one room but they stay from the same COMPANY in other ROOMS.
A CLIENT moves from one ROOM to another and has been in the HOTEL for days.

See now the option .3. and try to make an example of all the above.