5.5 – Antifraud Control

A fairly common problem “unfortunately” is that in which the pre-invoice is presented to the client and he decides to pay in cash. At this point the bad waiter decides that part of the cash will be kept in account, his next action is to cancel certain items on the invoice and proceed to collect the rest.


We can’t help it, but we do know it.

This option can also be accessed in Intervention Control

In StarPOS, first of all, once the items are touched and attributed to a table to cancel them, you have to get on top of them and generate a negative (-), the positive is not erased. On the other hand, if the product corresponds to a kitchen area, the cancellation is indicated in that area by printing FIRST CONTROL.

When printing a ticket, it adds up the same products so that if there are negatives they will not give us a clean bill.


And the most effective and practical, the task programmer indicates that just as you can send the “Z” to any email, send us the Anti-Fraud Auditor Cash. Let’s see its content

Antifraud Cash is activated in configuration -> task scheduler

We can also activate it as a Trigger immediately

Example of mail with Antifraud Cash