Option .5. Intervention Control

5.1. Sales by Department

5.2. Sales by Date

5.3. Sales by Payment Method

5.4. Sales by Employee/Table

5.7. Summary Dept. between dates

It would really be an accumulation of all the “Z’s” of a department between the dates indicated.

5.8. Repeat “Z”

Repeat the “Z” of a Department and of a given day

5.9. Costs by Payment Method

By owning Warehouse would give us the costs of the Sale we have made

5.A. Daily Production

Basically it is valid when “CLOSED BLIND”, as well as when it is chained to a hotel, it tells us that TCK, which rooms have been charged.

In the first case we see that there is a difference between what was declared and what was collected. In the second case they are the same.

5.B. Daily Production by Payment Method

It is a monthly report, in which we can study how the different departments have paid us. Its main use is for an exhaustive control of the invitations, since when selecting the form of invitation, it would indicate who, when, …, has invited in the different departments.

5.C. Repetitions/Negative tickets

For a better control of those TCK, which have been repeated, or which have been issued negative, or cancelled.

5.E. Change ticket Payment Method

As long as it is not accounted for we can change the method of payment of any ticket. First of all we must indicate the date, the department and the number of the ticket we want to change

5.F. Modification of Income

In order to be able to modify the data contained in section 5.B.

5.G. Repeat Ticket

To be able to reprint or consult any old TCK

5.H. Tickets List (Detailed)