C. Accounting Links

First Step.

Option C.1. Accounting Generation must be done. This option is what actually generates the accounting movements between the dates we indicate. If we do it daily the system always proposes the previous day, but in the case of a weekend, we would simply change the date from. For security reasons, you must click on the Ok button with the mouse.

If we do it twice the same day or the same dates, nothing happens, since the system remembers that the accounting link has been done for those dates.

Second Step.

Once the option .C.1 has been carried out. C.2/3. VAT Movement and Database, if you want to check what the system has generated for you. This step (C.2/3) is not necessary, it is informative.

Third Step.

Carry out the accounting link to the draft of the Accounting.

Go to section C.4. You will be told between the dates you want to export.

C.1 – Accounting Generation

This process can take time, and especially if you do long periods (monthly, weekly, fortnightly,…), since you must check all the movements.

C.2/3 – Movements/Tax Database

Checking the movements of Notes and VAT generated, both from the previous process and from other processes. By default we will only see the movements NOT ACCOUNTED, but you can also see all those movements that have been previously posted.

C.4 – Export to Accounting

We will tell it from the date until which date we want to export

Accounting parameters

Accounting in Allar

C.A. Unmark Accounting