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A reception that is prized for internal communications between different departments, shifts, …, can be communicated through this option.

We will always have a record of what we have to communicate or what you have to do, or what you have to take into account the next shift.

It can be used for other Departments

It’s the hotel’s incident book. It has a special importance for being where all the incidences that have taken place in each day must be reflected.

It is good for us to know the history of our Hotel.

At night closing can be scheduled to send an email to those departments that must control the incidents that have occurred (Operations Management, Responsible for Accommodations, etc …

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For those hotels that carry out the change to foreign currency, it does not give the data and control of the changes carried out.

Proof of the change made, for the client and copy for the Hotel.

It is filed in LVDE

If we access option 2.I. We obtain the results that we have applied in this option giving us also the data for the Banco de España OEC1 and OEC2.  

The function is that, on having done the invoices, the second line meets to us on the value of the change in the above mentioned currency

With this utility we locate if a client is in Hotel, is going to be or already has been.

By means of this utility of fast form we can give what a determined stay would cost with a few conditions of PAX and Meal Plan