All about E-mail

E-mail Configuration

The mail server to be used by the Application must be configured: (Host, Port, User, Password, From-From and if you are going to use TLS or not)

You should ask your mail provider to provide you with the following information:

  • Host: Name of the mail host (examples:
  • Port: Normally by default most applications have 25, we recommend 587
  • User: Many applications use the user’s own email account
  • Password: Your email password
  • From: From which account you will send all emails. Normally you would have a corporate account such as
  • Does not use TLS: Enable this bullet in the event that the TLS security protocol is not used

E-mail Departments

E-mail Night Closing

In this section we will define:

The different Departments with the emails associated to each Department

Those reports in “pdf” that you will receive at the Night Closing of each Department

E-mail Invoicing

  • Send Invoice by E-Mail
  • Send the Invoice by E-mail and a payment link for the client to pay via Virtual TPV

Direct payment from the client

A travel agency, a client, a reservation, a Non-Refundable, …, we want you to pay us an invoice (in advance, Non-Refundable, …), from the client himself. First of all we have to make this invoice, once this invoice is made we will click on the icon to print the invoice

It will send us an email with a link and an attachment which is the invoice itself. By clicking on this link, the client will be able to pay the invoice. This link is valid for 24 hours.

The invoice will be given as paid in the Smart Seven Stars system

The Payment Methods interface must be correctly documented

Option B.8. Payment solutions

E-mail Manual Sending

Manual sending from Iconic Menu

E-mail Booking Confirmation

Clicking on the Reservation (General tab – Email Confirmation)

We must have previously defined the Email Template (7.G. Email Templates)

You can also do the same procedure by accessing it directly from the option:

  • 7.F. E-mail of confirmed reservations and selecting the Reservation to which you want to send the e-mail

7.G. E-mail templates

We will define the different models of E-mail that we want, it is even convenient to define them in languages if we want to better personify.

E-mail Remittance Letters / Acknowledgement of Receipt

Option 3.F.Remittance Letters / Acknowledgement of receipt

We must have previously defined the Email Template (7.G. Email Templates)

E-mail CUSTOMER Authorizations

In order for e-mails to be sent to customers, they must authorize the sending of such e-mails. Let’s see where the customer must indicate that he wants to send it or not.

  • Cardex. If it is not marked that it is authorized, it cannot do any marketing action to that Customer


Acceptances in Forms to be signed by the Client

Both physically and digitally

Part of Travellers.

He must accept clause “3” in order to receive e-mails

Part of Travellers with a police record.

He must accept clause “3” in order to receive e-mails

Accommodation contract.

He must accept clause “3” in order to receive e-mails

Shipping options Marketing.

We must have correctly configured this section, and indicate Only Authorized E-mail

CWM – Customer Web Mobile

QR” option and facial recognition

We must correctly configure the options in this section so that the system behaves as the Hotel has configured its Customer Web Mobile operations.

It is included in this section because it has the option to send it to the client, registered in CWM.

CWM – E-mail Expected Arrivals

Set Up Automatic E-mail for Scheduled Expected Arrivals

CWM – E-mail at Stay

Set up automatic E-mail for when the Client is in Stay

CWM – E-mail at Check out

Set up automatic e-mail for when the client leaves the hotel

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

It is included in the E-mail section as it generates databases that can be exported to different Marketing systems (Interfaces)

Alternative Menu Option .7.

Configure the e-mails to be sent directly from Smart Seven Stars:

  • 7.G. Setup SMS/Email (Stays)
  • 7.H. Setup SMS/Email (Check-in)
  • 7.I. Setup SMS/Email (Check-out)

Once we have made a selection in option 7.1. as well as in option 7.4. and have activated some of the Marketing Interfaces, the system offers us the possibility of sending the Database we have obtained.

We can program that the shipments are automatic to the different Interfaces from the Programmer of Tasks.