Bar/Coffee shop


If it were not the first time that we accede already it would have memorized the data of the department to which it is acceded, that must be obligatorily of Bar/Coffee shop.

Secondly, it checks the consistency of dates, in case we had forgotten to make a “Z”, or if the previous day we did not work, it gives us the option to CONTINUE, or position ourselves in today (ZERO), yesterday (ONE), or tomorrow (TWO). If we press a zero, one, or two, it closes the previous movements, if any.

Header Options

Explanation Functions/Buttons


There is a special group that are those items that we have indicated in the price list as Best Sellers.

Treatment Tables

Consultation of Tables: When pressing the button of Tables, all those Tables that have TCK, pending of collection appear to us. If we select a Table, we can continue loading elements, Collect the Table, Print a TCK of all the Table, or leave the function.

Transfer from TCK to another Table

Tickets Issued


Tickets Pending Collection


Apply discount to TCK

Tickets Issuance Process

We will select the different products that we want to touch. Once we have finished pressing ENTER, we proceed to CHARGE.

If we want to charge by the default payment method of the Department, pressing ENTER we have already charged the Ticket

Collection other than cash

Imputing to a Table

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