.B.7. Setup-General


B.7. Control Registers (Setup-General)


We will now deal with one of the important themes of Smart Seven Stars, as we customize the different sections the programme will behave in one way or another, and of course very different. It’s really the point where the tailor changes the “prêt a porter” suit for his “custom” suit.

By default, we have left it some values “we understand more usual” but obviously each hotel is different.

Access to this part of the programme must always be restricted, as no user can change the parameters of the “automatic pilot” that will take us to “good airport” every day.

In computer science “the one before” we used to call these sections “Control registers“, below we explain what they are and their most common values.

It is advisable that when an important value in these sections is modified, the users leave the programme and re-enter it so that it takes all these values correctly.

We can access it directly by clicking on the configuration icon, or by the option B.7, or by the hamburger menu

B.7. Setup - General General

Current version where you are

Personification Data.

Not accessible by the user. Their manipulation would imply a complaint to the BSA

  • Logo,
  • Colour
  • Application Background.
  • Currency Literal. “current”

Active Date. The correct functioning of Smart Seven Stars requires strict control of the dates, the system will always act with this active date, which may have differences with respect to the system date. The active date will be updated with each day’s closing (mandatory process)

Opening date/closing date. When the Hotel started using Smart Seven Stars, and the Closing Date, as far as we will let to have reservations.

Hotel Code. Hotel’s analytical code, it corresponds with the Hotel’s Cost Center for analytical studies (XYZ system). The “2” two last characters are taken.
Name of the HotelIt will appear in all the screens. Very important when handling MULTI-HOTEL.
Code for Police CardsThis is the code assigned to the Hotel by the POLICE.

Max. Overbooking %:  Although we can give reservations in overbooking, this option can limit the maximum overbooking we want to admit in our hotel.
Number of days to invoice. According to the days that we indicate in this section, when closing the night will notify us of those customers who have been staying more days than indicated, so that we can choose to invoice them or not.

Maximum Risk Invoice. Depending to the amount indicated in this section, when closing the night will warn us of those guests staying at the hotel whose billings exceed the amount indicated.

Minimum Group Rooms. In a single Reservation what we consider a Group.

Disconnection Time. For exhaustive compliance with the GDPR. After this time, the system asks for username and password

Chat. If you are going to use Chat between users.

HTTPS. If we use https access

B.7. Setup - General Connectivity

Interconnection with the Web Services of the rest of the Applications:

  • Corporate Hotel (GHS)
  • POS (StarPOS)
  • Warehouse (StarEcon)
  • Token API.
  • Mail Configuration.
  • Allar. Accounting
  • SMS API.
  • Mail Configuration . Due to the fact that Smart Seven Stars issues different emails, both internal and external, you must ask your provider to give you the data for this section. If they are not properly configured, the emails will not work. 

B.7. Setup - General StarBEO

Connectivity with StarBEO : the Banquet & Event Orders (Weddings and Banquets, MICE)

B.7. Setup - General Privileges

This option should be the one that has the maximum restriction of all the options of the Application, only the most trusted authorized personnel should have access it, since it regulates the access permissions of all user keys to the different options of the application.

There are a total of 12 Roles or categories that will be assigned to each user. In addition, there is a superior administrator password that can always access the whole system and which is not regulated in this section. This password belongs to the property and only the highest level of the company / Hotel should know it.

B.7. Setup - General Counters

Counters.  Necessary for the proper functioning of the Application. All the counters are updated automatically, and it is impossible for the internal controls of the Application to duplicate them, logically as long as there is no uncontrolled manipulation of the counters.

Access will be granted on two important occasions:

  • When a new installation is started so that it starts to be numbered from the last invoice, reservation, etc., that would have been made in the previous procedure.
  • At the beginning of the new year, if you want to start with a new numbering 202100000 all the invoices for 2021 …

B.7. Setup - General Condicionals Parameters

Discount in room/regime. It will be indicated if for the calculation of the maximum discount at the time of invoicing the amount of the room/regime is computed..

Empty Room When Invoicing. It indicates whether if the rooms will be marked as empty after invoicing.

Shift control. If this option is enabled, when entering the application, besides requesting the operator, the shift is also requested. WARNING: If enabled, it is essential to make a change of operator and shift by pressing the corresponding icon (upper right part of the screen) when starting the same.

Mandatory Remarks in Audit. : If this option is activated, each time you change or delete a charge the system will ask for the reason and it will be saved in option B.2. Production audit.

Mandatory Remarks Due to Change of Room. If this option is activated, when changing rooms to a client the system will ask for the reason, which will be saved in option 5.9. Diary of room changes.

Delete police record.Activating this option will omit the police record when checking in.

CW2 / SW3. Used to apply more than one tax to a service. Applicable in other countries (USA, Canada, Brazil,…)

Breakdown of pensions: Currently unused, it is the activation of option A.9 .

Re-numbering Services Fiscal Note . Only valid for Brazil.

Subtract locked rooms in% occupancy . The room percentage will be calculated ignoring or not, the locked rooms.

B.7. Setup - General Optionals Parameters

Accounting mode. There are essentially two different ways of Accounting for the Hotel.

  • Accounting by Production . Produced pending invoicing (group 4) against Sales is charged daily and when making an invoice, Pending invoicing against Customer is downloaded and VAT .

If the Segmentation USA bullet is marked ( USALI ), what it does is that the Sales instead of doing them for the accounting accounts that appear in Rooms , it does so for those that appear in the Market Segments

  • Accounting by Billing . Every time an invoice is made, the typical Billing movement is generated: Customer against Sales and VAT

Minimum condition for assigning Rooms . When a guest enters the hotel when assigning a room, Smart Seven Stars can control that this Empty , that it is Clean or that is Revised .

Number of days Tentative Reservation . Since Smart Seven Stars contemplates Tentative Reservations (unconfirmed Reservations), it is possible to obtain an informative List of those Reservations Pending Confirmation at Closings. The value that is entered in this section specifies the number of days in advance for the inclusion of the Reservations in this List.

Number of days not occupied room . An informative list of those rooms that have been in place for 7 days or more is obtained in the daily closings. It is used for the control of Legionella, the taps must be opened if these days are not occupied.

Part of travelers, Police and Travelers, Accommodation Agreement, Digital Accommodation Agreement , Signature of the Tablet traveler, Show pdf even if the traveler signature is configured , force wait for the Firm . Depending on the sections that are marked when checking-in, the system will act in one way or another. The documents must be defined in the section B.8. Setup. Formats and Interfaces.

Invoicing mode without rounding. For those customers who want the invoices to match perfectly, in this case please note that there will be a lag in productions. See article Difference in Totals of Base Invoice percentage and VAT quota

Do not show department production by Forms of Payment in Production Square . It is used mainly when we use the Budget options.

Validity date – Police file. In the Basque Country this date predominates instead of another date.

B.7. Setup - General Allar

Dimensional Units.

Allar is not just another accounting management program, it contemplates in various generators the possibility of including the different dimension units of the Hotel (Rooms, Sleepers, Room Only Guests, with Breakfast, Half Board, Full Board and All inclusive)

Reports of this type are obtained, example , in which we can see values like the GOPPAR

B.7. Setup - General Taxes

The presence of this table facilitates the immediate adaptation of the system to the legal changes on taxes without having to interact anywhere else.

Let’s see that there are up to three percentages, it is evident that in hotels in Spain it has no purpose, however it is necessary for other countries, such as the USA, Canada, Brazil, …, as the first percentage is the one that applies to the State (Inter-City) and the second is the one that applies to the entire national territory. There is even a country that needs three as is the case of the Dominican Republic.

The possibility that in the future there is a tax for the European Economic Community, another for the corresponding Autonomous Community and a third for the Spanish State is not ruled out.

In literal terms, for example in the case of Canarias it will be IGIC

We will define the Taxes (VAT, IGI, IGIC, TBA, VAT, ISS, GST, tax, with your name, we have the possibility to enable up to 3 different taxes (if the second and third are used, they must previously be enabled part of Class One)

The normal way is to use Tax 1. where we have the possibility of up to 5 different rates.

Normally rate 5 is usually set to zero for those services whose tax is zero ( SUPPLIED ), and it is necessary to correctly generate the tax notes, as well as their accounting

IRPF . There are a series of special invoices in some hotels for the rent of premises, these data are necessary for the realization of these invoices:

  • % of IRPF,
  • the IRPF account with which it is associated,
  • the series for these invoices
  • and a numbering counter for them

Rate Tourist , Rate ecological , City Tax . It can be double (city rate and country rate)

  • Service with which this rate is associated (must be created in the Service Master .A.6.),
  • Mode (those listed),
  • Amount

B.7. Setup - General Default Values

B.7. Setup - General Reservations

B.7. Setup - General Night Audit

B.7. Setup - General Languages

B.7. Setup - General Business Intelligence

B.7. Setup - General Task Scheduler

Backup: We define the local and/or remote route, host, User, Port…

In this tab we can define the different programs that the program wants us to do, for example, make a backup at a certain time and day, that the night closing becomes automatic, that exports the data to accounting, and so on.

B.7. Setup - General Triggers


Triggers: Are to perform a certain function.

Configured in this tab, the program can warn us, for example, that an alarm goes on when reaching a certain occupation, a certain average price, that warns us when the parking reaches 80% among others.

It is totally configurable by the user and you can configure the ones you want.  

B.7. Setup - General Revenue